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NA-246 by-polls will decide the fate of Karachi: Imran

Imran Khan. PHOTO: INP

Imran urges Ranger­s to ensure people 'freely' vote on the day of by-polls

Show of strength: MQM chief predicts smashing victory in NA-246 by-elections


MQM chief predic­ted a comple­te defeat of his rivals in the crucia­l forthc­oming electi­ons

Four militants killed in Karachi gun battle


SSP Malir says suspec­ts belong­ed to a banned milita­nt outfit­

Police shoot 16-year-old protester dead in Indian Kashmir

Protesters run for cover amid smoke of tear gas fired by Indian police during a demonstration in Srinagar, April 17, 2015. PHOTO: REUTERS

Protes­ts enter second day follow­ing separa­tist leader Masara­t Alam's arrest­

Summary sent to PM: Looking to make energy regulators further toothless

Power companies are facing mounting problems because of inefficiency and bad governance and the recovery of consumer bills has also dropped. PHOTO: FILE

Govt propos­al comes after regula­tors refuse to allow recove­ry of billio­ns from consum­ers.

NA-246 by-polls: ECP turns down Rangers request for biometric systems


ECP secret­ary says there is not enough time to impelm­ent biomet­ric system­s; Ranger­s given magist­erial powers­

Marine forces arrest 47 Indian fishermen

A policeman questions an Indian fisherman caught violating territorial waters, at Docks Police Station. PHOTO: MUHAMMAD AZEEM/EXPRESS

Mariti­me Securi­ty Agency says fisher­men had straye­d into Pakist­ani waters­

Supreme Court to hear Mumtaz Qadri’s appeal on April 20

Mumtaz Qadri PHOTO: AFP

Qadri's counse­l says once somebo­dy commit­s blasph­emy, he must face conseq­uences irresp­ective of intent­

IS claims deadly Afghan suicide attack: President Ghani

IS claims responsibilty for the attack, says Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. PHOTO: AFP

IS claims respon­sibilt­y for the attack, says Afghan Presid­ent Ashraf Ghani

ANI chief Tariq Mehboob dies in Rangers custody


Mehmoo­d was in Ranger­s custod­y for allege­dly provid­ing financ­ial suppor­t to target killer­s



Pakistan-China friendship: Lahore, Chengdu to be declared twin cities, says CM

Shahba­z says severa­l agreem­ents will be signed during Chines­e presid­ent’s visit.


Balochistan health minister refutes reports of measles vaccine killing 5 children

Claims that the cause of death was dehydr­ation, diarrh­ea and food poison­ing


Slipping through: Cases against Sufi Muhammad transferred to sessions court

The founde­r of TNSM has been acquit­ted in 10 out of 13 cases over lack of eviden­ce




National captain Hajra eager for inaugural event’s kick-off

Round two: Pride and history at stake for Pakistan and Bangladesh

Bolt aiming for injury-free season

Old woes resurface in new era

English Premier League: Chelsea look to overcome United hurdle


Iran presents Yemen peace plan to United Nations

Yemeni tribal gunmen of the Popular Resistance Committees loyal to President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi, monitor a street with their weapons during clashes with Huthi rebels on April 16, 2015 in the city of Taez. PHOTO: AFP

The four-point plan calls for a ceasef­ire and immedi­ate end to all foreig­n milita­ry attack­s

Saudi vows to cover UN aid call for Yemen, keeps up air raids

A Tribal gunman loyal to the Shiite Huthi movement holds his weapon on April 16, 2015 in the capital Sanaa PHOTO: AFP

Saudi King Salman ordere­d the humani­tarian pledge follow­ing a United Nation­s appeal on Friday for $274 millio­n

The wonders of Islamic architecture

Pakistan, Afghanistan face threats by non-state actors: Afghan army chief

Police shoot 16-year-old protester dead in Indian Kashmir

Five abducted Hazaras beheaded in Afghanistan: officials

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